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sous chef melbourne

Do you want to be a sous chef Melbourne? Sous Chefs have the Executive Chef’s second-in-command position in the kitchen. If you want to be there, you are expected to assist the boss in everything they ask you. You will also train the new chefs, keep the administrative books, and substitute the Executive Chef if they aren’t in the kitchen.

Being the second boss is the main reason why your work is as demanding as you think, and that’s why we show you 10 questions to be hired immediately!

How have you worked with ingredient substitutions?

There are many substitutions for when you don’t have the right ingredient or the client is not able to eat this or that. Explain how you have done when this happens.

Have you done the impossible to please a customer? Explain.

In other words, mention the riskiest thing you have done to satisfy your clients. This question is also risky, since being friends with the sympathetic rat from “Ratatouille” is not possible as a reference.

Show us how you discipline a coworker.

Are you a Hitler chef? Or you are more caring and compassionate when a coworker makes a mistake? Show how you work along with others while still being the boss.

When you were in charge, have you been sent a plate back?

That’s always a bad experience, and most renowned chefs have had it at least once. Tell them how you solved it.

How do you control the food quality?

Are you strict with this topic or you don’t care at all? How do you handle with foods you need immediately, but they are rotting and you have no more choices?

Have you had any experience with coworkers who speak different languages?

Imagine yourself working with Italians, Spaniards and French people in the same room. How do you do when they don’t understand your commands?

If there was an emergency in the kitchen, what would you do? (Think of a situation such as a sudden fire or a badly knife cut)

Be accurate. Imagine you are having that misfortune right now and act as you would do if it was real.

If you caught somebody from your team violating the standards, what would you do?

This is also related to the discipline you apply in the kitchen. Think of the pros and cons of the situation and make a decision.

Give us a recommendation or a piece of advice for new Sous Chef Melbourne.

What would you say to those who want your position? Would you share any particular experience that fixed your character as a chef? Say your words of wisdom without regrets.

Do you have any career goals? How can this job help you reaching them?

Everybody knows that all of us work because we want to make money and live better, but that’s not the best answer here. Say why you are here and why did you choose that restaurant, hotel, bar or cruise as your best option to improve your career.

Use these questions as a model for what you will experience in your new job as a sous chef Melbourne, and to send your future bosses a sense of ambition, security, good communication and stability.