Foodservice Industry History

September 24, 2015 Blog 0

A series of historical, cultural, and technological factors has brought the foodservice industry to the position it occupies today. The history of cooking is undoubtedly almost as old as that of mankind itself. The contemporary status of the foodservice industry as a whole is a direct reflection of man’s development. Almost all areas of human endeavor… Read more

The parts of a knife

September 20, 2015 Blog 0

Drop-forged and stamped knives share many features-a tip, belly, and handle-but the forged blade, which requires far more steps to make, has several additional features. If you were to look at the knives from a top view, you’d notice that the forged knife has a much thicker spine. If you were looking down the barrel… Read more

Full tang: How do you like your tang?

September 19, 2015 Blog 5

Does a full tang really matter? Like any industry with roots in the medieval, knifemakig has its share of mythologies. In my opinion the “full tang” is a fine example of a mythology that has little credence in modern times. The tang is the part of the blade that the handle is attached to. Some knives… Read more