Social Media for Pro Chefs, the stairway to heaven

August 24, 2016 Blog 0
Social Media for Pro Chefs

Have you seen how many people share what they are eating on Instagram and other social networks? Yes, sometimes it might be disgusting to see a person not enjoying their food because they are taking a picture of it, but have you thought it is the greatest advertisement technique ever? “Interaction” is the word that… Read more

Being a sous chef: the best way to reach the top

August 8, 2016 Blog 0
being a sous chef

Some people think that being a sous chef is similar to acting as ‘the teacher’s pet’, and there’s nothing further from reality than this nonsense outburst. Culinary students know –sometimes not- that to reach the highest position in the kitchen they must master each station, and climb the ladder with patience and hard work. Of… Read more

Become an executive chef: How hard is it?

July 13, 2016 Blog 0
executive chef

The range of a professional executive chef is not unreachable. There’s a difference between trying to be the best and being considered the best: with the first one you may think that if you work for a living, harder and harder, you will reach the top. And sometimes it’s just like that. But the question… Read more

Mise-en-place: What chefs do, what chefs know

May 30, 2016 Blog 0

Mise-en-place Readiness is the first step of mise-en-place for every chef. So, before cooking, the chef needs to make a plan, gather his resources and arrange his space. Arrange the objects back to their rightful places, is the second stage of mise-en-place. It means that your station shouldn’t become chaotic! However, there is not a… Read more

Hospitality industry nutritional food. How healthy are you?

May 1, 2016 Blog 0

In the hospitality industry nutritional food has been the main focus of chefs, nowadays. This is because a growing demand of customers for more healthy food has increased from a few years ago. As a result, being aware of consumer preferences and their choices is important in the foodservice sector in order to plan a healthier… Read more