Online Marketing Strategies for Vegan Restaurants

April 29, 2017 Blog 0

Online Marketing Strategies for Vegan Restaurants Do you really think that vegan restaurants are not popular and profitable? Well, you are totally wrong! And there’s more: organic cafes, bakeries and restaurants can perfectly work with people who are not actual vegetarians or vegans. Check this and more facts and tips here and make your vegan/vegetarian… Read more

Restaurant Marketing: The Do’s and Don’ts

April 6, 2017 Blog 0
Online Marketing hospitality

The world we live in is digital: today our lives are bound to social networks, apps, hashtags and a need to document everything as we go through it and share it with others. The marketing of any brand, place or product can no longer remain in the old strategies, it necessarily has to include the… Read more

Social Media for Culinary Schools: 5 tips to get the greatest number of visits

December 20, 2016 Blog 0
social media for culinary schools

The impact the social media have on people is impressive. Absolutely all the people around the world are potential consumers of your product, whatever you are selling. This is why having a good structure on the Social Media for Culinary Schools is so relevant nowadays, because this is the introduction to the many benefits of… Read more

Sous Chef Melbourne Interview Profile: 10 Questions to get the job as fast as you can!

October 25, 2016 Blog 0
sous chef melbourne

Do you want to be a sous chef Melbourne? Sous Chefs have the Executive Chef’s second-in-command position in the kitchen. If you want to be there, you are expected to assist the boss in everything they ask you. You will also train the new chefs, keep the administrative books, and substitute the Executive Chef if… Read more

Top 3 Executive head Chef worldwide

September 9, 2016 Blog 0
executive head chef

Were you really born for this profession? Do you really have what is needed for this profession? Not everything you see on TV is as wonderful as you may think. Being an executive head Chef is not only chopping, dicing or garnishing all day. It is also following commands, sweating, cutting your fingers. Practicing day… Read more